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Die casting raw material

Following list is the general material used for pressure die casting according to different country standard.

Aluminum Alloy

Commerdal Standard Equivalent Alloys or dose sub strtutes
ANSI AA BS1490 DIN1725/2 JIS
413.2 American 413.2


A360 American A360.1 LM9   ADC3
A380 American A380.0 LM24 GD-AISi8Cu3 ADC10
384 American 384     ADC12
ADC12 Japanese 383.0/384.0     ADC12
GD-AISi9Cu3 German   LM2 GD-AISi9Cu3  
GD-AISi12(Cu) German A413.0 LM20 GD-AISi12(Cu) ADC1

As Well As Zinc Die Casting and Alloy Die Casting

We are the professional Die casting raw material ,casting raw material industry in China.

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