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Aluminum Casting Die Process

Aluminum is the most common alloy used in metal casting. There are several reasons for this, but the main one seems to be availability and quality. Many metal casters have access to a large amount of aluminum with soda and beer cans that they crush and melt down. Aluminum has several desirable properties for the metal caster no matter if they are a hobbyist, artist, or are casting needed parts for home repairs. Many who cast aluminum also love the alloy since it can be used in all of the varying casting processes giving it a wide range of possibilities. Aluminum is often used as a practice alloy for the first time metal caster or for casters who are trying out new methods and ideas.

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we promise to provide you with aluminum die casting parts of the highest quality and at the best value. We can produce aluminum die casting parts with weights from 800mm. We inject the metal into the mold under high pressures of 10-210Mpa (1,450-30,500 psi). This results in a more uniform part with a good surface finish and good dimensional accuracy, (0.2% of casting dimensions). Post machining can be totally eliminated for most parts and in other cases only light machining is required to bring dimensions to the proper size. We use aluminum material of ASTM grade 380, 390, and aluminum alloy die-casting (ADC12 and ADC14). We can produce parts such as automotive engine house covers, light covers, various housing assemblies and more.

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